If you bought any cryptocurrency through Robinhood, you don’t own it. They do. Read on if you want to know what that means exactly.

An explanation of Gamestop, Dogecoin and what they mean for each other

DOGE the new GME?

Array Properties

  • Array.prototype — References the prototype of Array that all Array instances inherit from. On the Array prototype you will find all of the below methods. You can also create your own methods with Array.prototype.myMethod = function() { }
  • Array.length — returns length of the array (# of…

if @heroine.valid?
redirect_to @heroine
elseflash[:error] = @heroine.errors.full_messagesredirect_to new_heroine_pathend
def create
@heroine = Heroine.create(heroine_params)
if @heroine.valid?redirect_to @heroineelseflash[:error] = @heroine.errors.full_messagesredirect_to new_heroine_pathendend
<% if flash[:error] %><% flash[:error].each do |e| %><%= e %><% end %><% end %>

Credit: Rupixen from Unsplashed


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